“SKV” Ltd.

Limoted liability company “SKV” is a complex of organizations connected with restaurant business and entertainment.

“SKV” Ltd. include:

  • Restaurant “Spartak”
  • Café
  • Banquet hall “Spartak”
  • Day-night supermarket
  • Night club “Retro DJ-Club”


The first floor of the complex is occupied by the cozy café. It is constantly popular because it gives chance to calmly drink a cup of fragrant espresso and eat the most tasty tiramisu.

Café is a great opportunity for a rendezvous with your beloved or meeting with friends. Its exquisite interior, diluted illumination and soft milk-chocolate sofas create atmosphere of unforgettable rest. And fragrance of expensive coffee brands together with soft cakes will leave not a single guest indifferent!

In the café of our restaurant “Spartak” we would be glad to offer you not only chocolate, coffee, and delicious sweets, but also Japanese cuisine – sushi and rolls. Sushi-bar “Wasabi” is well-known and highly popular among our regular customers. Even if you are not the one, come and taste “Canadian”, “Alaska”, “Philadelphia”, “California” and many other rolls and sushi. We are sure, sushi-bar “Wasabi” will become your favorite spot!

Reasonable prices, superb service and pleasant atmosphere – all this you can find here in the café of our restaurant “Spartak”.

Banquet hall “Spartak”

In organizing a festive event any detail plays huge role – music, atmosphere, hall decoration, cuisine. And it is sometimes so difficult to find a banquet hall that would host all the guests and the event would be held on a really high level.

Restaurant “Spartak” is suitable for 300 seats and is a real choice for true comfort lovers. Here everybody can rest in thee nice atmosphere and appreciate exquisite dishes from our top-chefs. It is a great place for weddings, anniversaries, banquets, benefit events, birthday celebrations and other festivities. You can freely trust your celebration to the professional team of restaurant “Spartak” who will turn your event into a real fairy show.

Option “ready-made banquet”

For your banquet we can offer you:

  • exquisite various menu on your free choice;
  • attentive and responsive professional service;
  • available bar services to your taste;
  • excellent music support;
  • exquisite interior decoration.

And what is more – sincere wish to make your celebration unforgettable!

Delicious dishes presented by our chefs will conquer the hearts of all the guests. Beautifully decorated hall will stay in memories of the guests for a long time, especially in memories of heroes of the occasion. Nice and cheerful music will leave no one bored, you will instinctively be willing to dance. Celebrations organized be our team is a wonderful fairy-tale available to you, your relatives, colleagues, friends!

Restaurant “Spartak” also has outdoor stage, where, in the original interior you can spend pleasant evening with your friends, enjoying sounds of fountain and your favorite songs live performance!

The complex, besides the banquet hall and spacious, beautifully decorated foyer, consists of supporting area equipped with the necessary modern kitchen devices. We care about the health of our every client, that is why we use only high quality products. Restaurant staff is very attentive to validity terms, looks and quality of products. And arrangement of dishes will pleasantly surprise the most critical gastronome.

Restaurant “Spartak” answers all high standards and constantly demonstrates superb service. Any celebration in the restaurant “Spartak” will stay in your memory and memories of your guests for long! Restaurant “Spartak” – special place for your special occasion!

Administrator of Restaurant “Spartak” is willing to answer all you questions:
8 (87934) 5-40-40
8 (928) 3000-344

Option “ALLO-PIZZA” from Restaurant “Spartak”

We are happy to offer you free delivery of delicious pizza as well as rolls, salads, dishes on grill and drinks from our bar to any of your event!

Call: 8 (87934) 5-40-50
8 (928) 375-55-70

Night club “RETRO-DJ-CLUB”

Passionate clubbers would be delighted and surprised by the night club “RETRO-DJ-CLUB”. “RETRO-DJ-CLUB” is a special atmosphere, great filling of unity and wonderful mood. Energetic parties under the golden hits of pop-music from the last century 80-s will leave nobody indifferent. Colorful parties, performances of the best club residents, valuable prize drawings, presents from the company and also fire starting mixes of great music, young, beautiful people and most important – interesting communication and new acquaintances which make your night unique – all this you can find here!

In our club you may have a great party among your friends. “RETRO-DJ-CLUB” is a festive atmosphere and cozy tone, great rest and avalanche of bright, unforgettable impressions!

Working time: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10 to… till you are tired to dance!
Tel.: 8 (87934) 22-600
8 (928) 22-000-37

Supermarket “Spartak”

Small compact supermarket can be located in the left wing of the complex “Spartak”. It is situated near comfortable parking.

Friendly staff would be glad to offer you wide variety of food products and other goods all day round. Here you can find everything you might need. We take payments by cash and credit cards.

Come! We are always glad to see you!

News "KVS"
  • 10 March 2016

    С 8 по 12 февраля 2016 года компания ООО «КВС» приняла участие в 23-й международной выставке продуктов питания, напитков и сырья для их производства, проходившая в г. Москва в ЦВК «ЭКСПОЦЕНТР».

  • 16 September 2019
    Expocentre Fairgrounds

    Expocentre Fairgrounds

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16 September 2019
Fortune, один из ведущих деловых журналов мира, известен своим ежегодным рейтингом крупнейших корпораций планеты Fortune500. Читайте об СНС и других крупнейших мировых корпорациях в свежем".
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