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Charity foundation “KVS” is organization that on a regular basis offers help to needy families and socially vulnerable members of society. It was founded by the head group of companies “KVS” Vladimir Sokratovich Kessidi in July 24, 2013. The foundation deals with:

  • building and financial support to churches and monasteries;
  • financial and technical support of orphanages, boarding schools and general secondary schools’;
  • offering financial support to social organizations – society of invalids, society of Afghanistan war veterans, society of military veterans of USSR and RF and so on;
  • building of culture and sport objects;
  • total support of handicapped children; citizens who are in need of better living conditions and many other.

Many people have already found help and support from Vladimir Sokratovich and his charity foundation. For example, being invited to the anniversary of Yessintuki municipal organization “All-Russia society of invalids” Vladimir Sokratovich saw the poor condition of the building and took immediate measures. Within four days there appeared offices of lawyer and psychologist, were installed new windows and doors, the floor was renewed, electricity was built in.

“Kindergarten (mixed) 35”. Besides, Vladimir Sokratovich shows constant care about our elderly generation, our veterans. The foundation organizes celebrations, devoted to significant events, offers financial support to veterans of WW2 and other military conflicts. For them special tours to the places of glory are organized. Thanks to Vladimir Sokratovich in 2012 the monument to the deceased in the Great Patriotic War was rebuilt.

Charity foundation helps to the transferred to reserve with working places, helps common people. Citizens of the district “Kirpichny” were presented in short time with asphalt streets, outdoor sewerage, installation of traffic light on the busy highway “Borgustanskoe” and help with other important everyday problems and legal questions. District “Kirpichny” now has stable transportation system. Charity foundation of Vladimir Sokratovich Kessidi constantly helps sport teams and dancing groups, and also those who really need support.

People who know Vladimir Sokratovich say: “A man of action!”

News "KVS"
  • 10 March 2016

    С 8 по 12 февраля 2016 года компания ООО «КВС» приняла участие в 23-й международной выставке продуктов питания, напитков и сырья для их производства, проходившая в г. Москва в ЦВК «ЭКСПОЦЕНТР».

  • 16 September 2019
    Expocentre Fairgrounds

    Expocentre Fairgrounds

The film is about "KVS"
16 September 2019
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