Group of companies

“KVS” Ltd. was founded in 2004. In the beginning it was involved only in wholesale and retail trade of alcohol goods. In 2007 it was already acknowledged by the Trade-Commerce Chamber of Stavropol territory as the fastest growing and dynamic company of the Stavropol territory. Basic business activities of “KVS” Ltd. are production of alcohol, wholesale trade of alcohol goods, food products, including drinks and cigarettes.

Today “KVS” is a group of wholesale and retail trade companies, including also security agency, construction and transportation companies and also companies which specialize in entertainment sphere. The company ships products to 14 regions of Russia, cooperates with regional and federal networks. The company is also the base of charity foundation.

We manage to sustain well established high quality of services, thanks to our team of specialists, without whom not a single project could be realized and fulfilled. Activities of the group of companies “KVS” Ltd. is awarded with professional awards and trust of our business partners. We have already achieved a lot and we are not going to rest on our laurels!


History of the company

“KVS” Ltd. was founded in 2004. Initially it was dealing only with wholesale trade of alcohol products, but gradually it was increasing its business activity. From 2008 the company started production of cognac under its own brand “Rossiyski KVS”. In January 2010 “Torgovy Dom” Ltd. was founded. In the beginning it was just a super market.

After some time there opened a canteen. In February 2010 a complex of “Santa-KVS” was opened. In May 2010 opened a construction company “Titan KVS”. In October 2012 “Torgovy Dom” Ltd. started wholesale business activity. In January 2013 the company launched the hotel with 11 rooms. We keep moving forward, continue to please our clients and business partners.

Structure of KVS


Production of alcohol

From 2008 the company started production of cognac under its own brand “Rossiyski KVS”. Our company carefully monitors the quality of its products. The plant is equipped with modern equipment, providing production of high quality product. Priority requirement in producing KVS cognac is following all the quality control on all stages of production process: from choice of raw materials to packaging. The cognac under the brand “KVS” embodies initial postulate of harmony – unity of form and context.

Transportation company

Transportation company “VSK” Ltd. оperforms cargo transportation all over the territory of Russia. “VSK” Ltd. has its own motor park, including vehicles made in 2011-2012 which guarantees their correct functioning and also timely and steady delivery of cargo to its destination.

Retail trade

“Torgovy Dom” Ltd. was founded in January 2010 for caring out wholesale and retail trade. Initially “Torgovy Dom” Ltd. consisted only of the supermarket but after expanding there appeared a canteen. In October 2012 the company started wholesale and retail trade. At present “Torgovy Dom” Ltd. includes the following objects:

  • supermarket
  • canteen
  • wholesale and retail trade base
  • car fleet
  • hotel

Restaurants and cafes

Limoted liability company “SKV” is a complex, connected with restaurant business. “SKV” Ltd. include:

  • Cafe
  • Banquet hall “Spartak”
  • Night club “Retro DJ-Club”


Charity foundation “KVS” is organization that on a regular basis offers help to needy families and socially vulnerable members of society. It was founded by the head group of companies “KVS” Vladimir Sokratovich Kessidi in July 24, 2013.

The foundation deals with:

  • building and financial support to churches and monasteries
  • financial and technical support of orphanages, boarding schools and general secondary schools’
  • offering financial support to social organizations – society of invalids, society of Afghanistan war veterans, society of military veterans of USSR and RF and so on
  • building of culture and sport objects
  • total support of handicapped children; citizens who are in need of better living conditions and many other

Business center “KVS”

Business center “KVS” offers you all the necessary conditions for successful development of your business: offer spacious bright offices for companies of any level, the area of the offices ranges from 35 to 740 sq.m. On the fifth floor there is a 104,7 sq.m. conference hall equipped for representative activities; the capacity of the conference hall is 120 seats. The center has day-night security service, parking, cafe where you can have business lunch or coffee break with your partners. And also, beauty salon, gym, fitness hall, massage parlor. On the fourth and fifth floors of the business center “KVS” there is a hotel with 18 cozy comfortable de luxe rooms.


Limited liability company “Santa-KVS” - is a complex of several organizations, which provide popular services of high quality.

“Santa-KVS” Ltd. consists of:

  • Cozy hotel
  • Wonderful cafe
  • Supermarket with moderate prices
  • Famous gym
  • Two halls for billiard fans
  • Laundry and car wash
  • Real estate for rent
  • Parking place


Construction company “Titan KVS” Ltd. started its activity in May 2010. All buildings owned by the company “KVS” are objects, initially constructed by “Titan KVS” Ltd. From 2014 start constructing residential district on the address: Yessentuki, 105 Buachidze Str. square of apartments will range from 30-40 sq.m to 100 sq.m.

News "KVS"
  • 10 March 2016

    С 8 по 12 февраля 2016 года компания ООО «КВС» приняла участие в 23-й международной выставке продуктов питания, напитков и сырья для их производства, проходившая в г. Москва в ЦВК «ЭКСПОЦЕНТР».

  • 12 November 2019
    Expocentre Fairgrounds

    Expocentre Fairgrounds

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12 November 2019
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